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The Chronicles of Narnia:
The Magicians Nephew – I started this book and finished it on the 1/01/2016, this is the first book in my The Chronicles of Narnia box set. I Love this book, this book had adventure, magic, mystery, family. This book is the start of Narnia and how it came to be. I love this classic book and I feel it would be great for children for any age and anyone who loves childhood fantasy. 5/5

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe – This book is amazing and the second in the box set I have. I started and finished It on 2/1/16 and this is such childhood fantasy and draws you in to this mystical world and also has adventure and love and family and a tale that I can’t describe as it so magical and comforting that takes you back to childhood innocents and fantasy and adventure.  5/5

The Horse and His boy I started this on the 3rd of January and finished on the 4th of January loved this tale about twins being separated and how a peasant boy thought he was nothing turned out to be a prince with an epic story with finding out who he is. 4/5

Prince Caspian: is the forth book in the chronicles and is a great book as we see how dramatic Narnia and the surrounding lands are now years from when the Pevensie children were ruled over the lands and how now there is only hushed talk of talking beast and of how Narnia was a happy and peaceful place to live. As the story starts you see the Pevensie children back in Narnia and discovering how it now is and how they can help. But first you have to here of Prince Caspian and then how with the help of the Pevensie children they fight to free the talking beast and bring Narnia back to its glory. 5/5

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
This story has the two youngest Pevensie children Lucy and Edmund and their cousin Eustace and how they end up being swept back to Narnia to help Prince Caspian find his father’s six missing friends and to also go to the worlds end with their help they go on an epic voyage which is both heartbreaking and breathtaking. 5/5

The sliver chair:
This is the seventh book and the first book which I felt at the end how it can have some religious meanings to the chronicles and this book evolves Eustace and a school girl Lucy and how they travel to Narnia to help with recovering the lost prince – Prince Caspian son and thee epic adventure in which we see giants, witches and evil snakes and magic play out in an epic story. 5/5

The last battle:
This is the last book and will make you laugh, cry and just leave you under its spell of heartbreak and tragedies this tale is such a twist and turn that will have you gripe to the very end and leave you in a mass of tears. 5/5 

Hi all

here is what i have bought in July for beauty/makeup:

use for hands 

Britney spears 

for night serum 

day serum

in shower moisturiser 

for hands

foot cream

to use under bust 

to keep in handbag 

Manicure set 

nail clippers

contour brush



face powder


foot scrub

nail supplies

nail supplies 


Hi all

here is some outfits i have worn lately:


Hi all

Here are my favorites of the month of July:



this is a hydrating but purifying face mask 

this is a gel like mask even though my face felt nice and hydrated it made my eye sting and water from the smell. 

these are great clay mask that are hydrating but really get deep down in my pores and they heat up for a nice relaxing spa feeling 


i love using baby oil on my face both night and day

Face Washes :

neutrogena - calming cream cleanser is a thick cleanser that smells nice and is relaxing to use
the two in one is great for keeping blemishes away - for me thats hormonal but still great and its so cooling and tingling and fresh to use! i use both a couple times a week as part of my double cleanse
simple foaming face wash    - love this as it foams up but hydrating and cleansing ,     use every night                                                             

byphasse rosewater toner use twice a day morning and night and love this and i have gone though 2/3 bottles of this and have back ups great 


buff puff


using as hand cream for dermatitis 

love the cutex diamond nail hardener and Nivea creme  


coconut oil is a must for my body and use every night 

love this and is nice and hydrating for winter skin

nice really loved this 

love the smell and a great body scrub 

great for keeping skin soft and feel so luxury to use 

love kmart body scrub 

love kmart body butter 


use this for the day time 

use this at night 
both are great and have many back ups 

love this and smells and taste great and works great 

love the coconut and lime one and nearly finished it 

Feet : 

Makeup : 

love this under eye concealer a must have 

great for amazing everyday lashes 

great to do all kinds of liner looks 
damson is a great matte lip and i have been reaching for it this month 
love this stuff and smells so good
i use beige and love it on its own or setting foundation a great all round powder / i have nearly used it all up and is now in my hand bag for touch ups and i have spare backups 

love this eyeshadow pallet as you can go bold or soft and barley there 

great tinted moisturizer for everyday use  
makes my eyes look awake 
love this multi purpose  

i found and got a zoella makeup bag!!!!!

love this so much
Home decor:

daffodils make my heart and sole happy

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