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Hi all

I have thought I would do a post on my top 10 spring makeup must haves!

1. bb cream - i love this for quick and easy coverage with extra sun protection too.

2. Loose tinted face powder - this is great for bare/sheer coverage or over the top of bb cream for a bit more coverage.

3. Blush-  cream or powder blush is great for a bit of colour to liven up the face.

4. mascara - mascara is a must to open up all eyes and can make a dramatic affect.

5. eye lash curler - this is a must to open up the eyes and to open up the eye.

6. Eye brow pomade/pencil/powder- a filled in great shape brow help frame the face and can make all the difference.

7. Eye shadow - any eyeshadow or just 1 colour can help add definition to the eyes and face.

8. concealer - concealer is a must have if you don't wont a full face on.

9. lip balm - lip balm is a must to stop any dry patches for lipstick to stick to.

10. Lipstick/lip gloss-  i feel a bright pink or any bright colour thats right for your complexion is a must as well as a neutral colour and a red is a must to have on hand for any occasion.

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