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Hi all

Here are some of the last winter outfits i wore.

I have been experimenting with patterns and colour recently and these are some of the looks i created. 

I think i am getting the hang of it slowly.


Hi all

I want to talk about how to pamper yourself weather its a pamper night, just a face mask or doing a quick mani or pedi here is some of my favorite ways and tips to do a little pampering every day.

I really love pampering or treating my self every day as it helps keep my stress down and helps me able to really enjoy life as well as appreciated the smaller things in life.

If i am doing a pamper night i go all out:

dry body brushing , Body scrub, body wash, in shower moisturizer, face peel, face scrub and face mask, body lotion/butter and coconut oil, hair mask, hand and feet cream and Mani and pedi.

If i just want a quick relax or not a full night of pampering i am loving a dry body brushing,  bubble bath, relaxing shower, playing with makeup, lighting candles, oil diffuse,  brushing my hair, doing a mani or pedi, medation, clean sheets, clean pj, reading or colouring and watching a tv show or movie. and hugging my dogs

here are some of my favorites:

Hi all

here is what i have been buying over the month:

i got the foot pack

the makeup holder 

razor set from Kmart 

makeup holders 

razor kit for Kmart 

the quilt and pillow cases 

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