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Hi all

I have thought I would do a post on my top 10 spring makeup must haves!

1. bb cream - i love this for quick and easy coverage with extra sun protection too.

2. Loose tinted face powder - this is great for bare/sheer coverage or over the top of bb cream for a bit more coverage.

3. Blush-  cream or powder blush is great for a bit of colour to liven up the face.

4. mascara - mascara is a must to open up all eyes and can make a dramatic affect.

5. eye lash curler - this is a must to open up the eyes and to open up the eye.

6. Eye brow pomade/pencil/powder- a filled in great shape brow help frame the face and can make all the difference.

7. Eye shadow - any eyeshadow or just 1 colour can help add definition to the eyes and face.

8. concealer - concealer is a must have if you don't wont a full face on.

9. lip balm - lip balm is a must to stop any dry patches for lipstick to stick to.

10. Lipstick/lip gloss-  i feel a bright pink or any bright colour thats right for your complexion is a must as well as a neutral colour and a red is a must to have on hand for any occasion.

Hi All

Now thats its spring i have slightly changed my skin/body/hair routine and i thought i would share them with you.

Skin - I have dry /eczema prone skin so even though the weather is crazy right now as its warm then hot then cold then cold and raining so need to make sure my skin is protected.

I have recently had an eczema breakout on my neck and hands so i have been using cream my doctor prescribed me for that.

I now do this for morning-

Micellar water, toner, spray mist, diy mist- rosewater, almond oil, glycerin, eczema cream, serum, eye cream, aloe Vera gel,2 drops of argan and rose hip oil each,  first moisturizer- byphasse day cream , Nivea day cream , Nivea lip balm.

I then do makeup.

Removing makeup - i use makeup remover wipes, coconut oil, Nivea cleansing lotion, rose water and simple eye remover and Nivea soft. or i use simple cleansing oil, coconut oil, Nivea foam wash and a wet face washer. and then coconut oil to moisturize.

Night routine-

i use two of these washes for a double cleanse with a face washer for the first cleanse.
GARNIER Pure Active Fruit Energy Energising Cleansing Gel or Neutrogena Night time cream cleanser.
If using a scrub its ether byphasse , St Ives oatmeal scrub + mask or St Ives sensitive skin wash.

Masks - i use Kmart mask or Byphasse thermo mask or Hydro boost sheet mask

Peels i ether use formula glowing mask or freeman aloe and cucumber peel or tee tree peel from 7th heaven.

body scrub- Kmart or Grace Cole fruit works or Palmolive

getting out of the shower i use a body lotion and foot lotion

then i do toner, mist, diy mist, eczema cream, serum, eye cream, Aloe Vera gel, sukin face oil 4 drops .  first moisturizer - hydro boost or the oils of life cream , Nivea night cream  Nivea cream, and Nivea lip balm.

For my before bed routine -

i use castol oil on my eyebrows and lahses

then for body i use coconut oil or baby oil or body lotion and body cream

then i use nail oil on my feet then put foot/ hand lotion ,or  foot cream , or foot balm or then Vaseline or silica 15 then socks,

for hands i do nail oil, first hand lotion, hand cream then silica 15

i put lip balm on too.

this is my spring skin care next post will be my hair routine.

Hi all

I read this book after buying the kindle edition and reading it though my laptop, iPhone and window tablet and as i finished it on the 20th of August i am now writing this review.

I had seen the film adaption of this book and that left me both stuns, amazed and frighted to my core as like both book and movie there is reference to murder, rape and violence and pedophilia. this is an adult book and though its theme and story does center around these disturbing themes its an amazing written book and you see and live the characters and how the dead and the living live life after a tragic sudden losses and death.

We also see how the world and the dead mix together without us knowing and how the dead live after life with the living and how the in between is more than anyone can think of and how that and heaven and earth all inter mix.

A compelling story and a must read for any one 18+  due to the themes of this book.

loved it 5/5

Hi all

I read the hobbit first and finished it on the 14th of April

I loved this book its classified as a children's story but it just griped me and loved billbo so much.
I think this is a great book to start off with the series and really is the first part of the lord of the rings as the hobbit is the story of how it all starts.

Its filled with magic, hobbits, Dawes, creatures and fantasy in every word and is just a dreamers and fantasy lovers dream to read 5/5

 The Lord Of The Rings- The Fellowship Of The Ring is the first book in TLOTR series and i finished it on the 21st of August and is a more mature in story and writing but still ok for middle school ages not too adult but not just a children's fantasy like the hobbit.

This is a great book and i loved reading it, it has action, friendship, magic, creatures of all walks of life, and fantasy and a world to behold full of hope and wonder its a great book and can;t wait to see how the story plays out!!! 5/5


Hi All

I am going to talk about how to treat or Pamper youself on a buget:

Here are some of my budget friendly ways to treat and pamper my self!!

New Bra/Underwear :

I get mine at Target and Best and less and for less than $30 for a plus size bra in larger cup sizes and Undewear for 3 for $10 its not that much to get some nice new Underwear/bras to make you feel confident!!

New pj :

I get mine from Kmart and they don't cost more than $20 so its a nice treat:

Face Mask / Peels 

I love the Kmart face masks and at $3 each its a good treat that wont break the bank and for face peels i love the formula 10.0.6 glow one and is less than $10 a bottle and you get many uses out of it and also with the cucumber and aloe peel from freeman.

I love bubble baths, nice shower gels/washes, in shower conditon, hair mask, bath bombs, bath salts and nice body scrubs and butters and lotions:

The kmart body scrubs are great and nice a thick and get all dead skin off and are less than $5 each 

the grace cole range is amazing and great with many scents and less than $10 with big bottles at 500ml

i love this for relaxing bubble bath

is great for body oil, hair mask, face wash, makeup remover, all over moisturizer 

grace cole body lotions and butters are amazing and less than $10 each 

kmart body lotions and butters are great and less than $5 

bath bombs are great and kmart has nice packs for under $5 

Makeup :

Nail polish , a new lipstick or blush is great and the w7 range is great as lipstick and blushes are $5 and the nail polish is $3 

A new outfit i love going to Millers as they always have sales and clearance racks so i am bound to find a cute top or skirt or dress for under $30 

Candles : 

i love getting candles from kmart, the reject store, candles to go:


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