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Hi All

I am going to talk about how to treat or Pamper youself on a buget:

Here are some of my budget friendly ways to treat and pamper my self!!

New Bra/Underwear :

I get mine at Target and Best and less and for less than $30 for a plus size bra in larger cup sizes and Undewear for 3 for $10 its not that much to get some nice new Underwear/bras to make you feel confident!!

New pj :

I get mine from Kmart and they don't cost more than $20 so its a nice treat:

Face Mask / Peels 

I love the Kmart face masks and at $3 each its a good treat that wont break the bank and for face peels i love the formula 10.0.6 glow one and is less than $10 a bottle and you get many uses out of it and also with the cucumber and aloe peel from freeman.

I love bubble baths, nice shower gels/washes, in shower conditon, hair mask, bath bombs, bath salts and nice body scrubs and butters and lotions:

The kmart body scrubs are great and nice a thick and get all dead skin off and are less than $5 each 

the grace cole range is amazing and great with many scents and less than $10 with big bottles at 500ml

i love this for relaxing bubble bath

is great for body oil, hair mask, face wash, makeup remover, all over moisturizer 

grace cole body lotions and butters are amazing and less than $10 each 

kmart body lotions and butters are great and less than $5 

bath bombs are great and kmart has nice packs for under $5 

Makeup :

Nail polish , a new lipstick or blush is great and the w7 range is great as lipstick and blushes are $5 and the nail polish is $3 

A new outfit i love going to Millers as they always have sales and clearance racks so i am bound to find a cute top or skirt or dress for under $30 

Candles : 

i love getting candles from kmart, the reject store, candles to go:


Hi All"

This is a great book.

It tells the tale of Black Beauty who is at the start a young foal and the story tells of his life and all the work and homes he does in his life. Such a lovely passionate story of how you should treat your horses well. It is told by Black Beauty himself.

Hi all

Welcome to spring! this year has just flew right my and now its September nearly October so crazy.

Here are some of the Spring outfits i have worn so far.

mostly simple dresses with sleeves and a cardigan as its been warm then cold then raining off and on so this have been my go to look really. I am going to try and get more outfits photoed when i wear them and post them so we will see how we go.


Hi all

Here are some of the last winter outfits i wore.

I have been experimenting with patterns and colour recently and these are some of the looks i created. 

I think i am getting the hang of it slowly.


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